Gone Are The Old Fashioned Paper and Pencils.

Gone are the old fashioned paper and pencils at school to take your notes in class. Kids are now much more tech savvy and are using netbooks and laptops to help them with not only their homework, but also when in class too.

HP Mini 100e netbook targeted at classrooms
HP has added a new model to its netbook roster, the HP Mini 100e Education Edition. This looks like a classmate PC in design and is targeted at schools rather than the wider market. The palm rest, base and lid can be customized with the school’s logo.

So how does it all work? What benefits are the younger generation getting by working electronically?  I must admit when I was at school our history teacher liked to dictate.  I found this extremely uninteresting, and by the end of the period I had a sore wrist from too much writing. Being able to type is by far, much quicker if you have to keep notes or listen and transcribe dictation.

Digital learning appears to be the way forward. With the information available over the internet, research is so much easier to do instead of having to visit the library and look for a specific book to find out what it is that you need to know. The availability of specialist programs to make learning fun, will inevitably influence a child or young adult to want to learn more, and to gain that thirst for knowledge.

I just hope that interaction with other students doesn’t suffer and that the student/teacher relationship is still engaging. We are facing a world where sitting in front of a monitor or screen takes up a high percentage of our waking hours. Let’s just make sure we don’t block out our surroundings from a young age and only believe what is in front of us.


Gone Are The Old Fashioned Paper and Pencils. first appeared on Batteries for Less.

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